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Layton graduated high school in 2004, and took one year of music theory and classical guitar in college before joining the workforce. He has experience in carpentry and pipe-fitting, and is currently an HVAC sheet metal apprentice. From 2010-2014, he was in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Combat Engineer, and is now retired.

Layton loves exploring the world, having been to Europe, Southeast Asia, and on various long-distance hikes and outdoor adventures throughout Canada with his friends. While he will always love exploration, he finds joy and peace as a husband and a dad. While he has to travel for work, it is often on these trips that he thinks up new book ideas or stories to tell his two kids. He even wrote parts of Hello! This is Earth! while deep underwater, working as a commercial diver. Being deep underwater provides a quiet peace like no other place can, allowing creativity to flourish.

Astronomy and science are crucial parts of his life, and he spends his downtime reading peer-reviewed scientific journals and watching educational videos on YouTube, ranging from geo engineering to something simple, like how light switches work. Layton also very much enjoys cooking, with smoked meat being a particular favorite to create, and he drinks an unquantifiable amount of coffee per day.

He is the proud father of Lincoln and Kaladin, and married to Desiarae, a geology-loving woman who is a great source of his support and a fantastic mother. 

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