Hello! This is Earth!

an imaginative and educational journey through our planet's environment

"...beautifully written, and clearly made with a love for astronomy, science, and education. My children can't put this down." - Lee Hennig, author 

Written in beautiful, simple poetry, Hello! This is Earth! takes young readers through the basic concepts of our home planet and all of the wonderful, awe-inspiring things it provides for us. From seeing molten rock at Earth's core, to explaining how our atmosphere keeps us safe, there is an easy-to-understand explanation for many functions of the place we call home. Each page has descriptive, rich artwork full of vibrant colors and inviting imagery to accompany verse. Layton dedicates this book to Lincoln, his firstborn and inspiration to pursue children's literature. He is now proud to have a second son to share it with, as well as any other child out there with a desire to learn about science and have fun along the way.